Below are links to articles that have been published on Alexander Thomson, the work of the Society or related events.


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Greek Thomson: Remembering Glasgow’s Overlooked Architect STV News: 07/04/2017


Greek Thomson: Thomson’s Other Great Visionary Architect BBC News: 01/04/2017


David Hayman on Greek Thomson and helping build the Red Road flats Herald Scotland: 01/04/2017


Actor David Hayman on Glasgow’s other architect, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson Herald Scotland: 01/04/2017


Glasgow Must Not Forget It’s Greatest Architect Apollo Magazine: 27/03/2017


Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson: The Forgotten Architect The Scotsman: 21/02/2017


Glasgow property celebrates architect by restoring Greek designs Evening Times: 31/01/2017


‘Greek’ Thomson’s jewel given a polish The Times 31/01/2017